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Name Description
lerna.g8 templete for createing a new project
lerna-terraform scripts to build the environment
lerna-design documentation for developing with Lerna
lerna-handson hands-on content learning Akka and Scala with Lerna
lerna-sample-payment-app sample applications for developing with Lerna
akka-entity-replication-sample sample applications for developing with akka-entity-replication
nablarch-fw-batch-parallelizable-example sample applications for developing with Lerna batch parallelization library


Name Description
akka-entity-replication Akka extension for fast recovery from failure with replicating stateful entity on multiple nodes in Cluster.
lerna-http Lerna HTTP library provides HTTP related features like below.
- Custom Json Format for spray-json
- Custom Directives for Akka HTTP
- Custom Header for Akka HTTP
lerna-log Lerna Log library provides logging related features like below.
- Custom log converters for Logback
lerna-management Lerna Management library provides management related features like below.
- SNMP metrics provider for Kamon
lerna-testkit Lerna TestKit library provides testkits for
- Akka Classic
- Airframe
- WireMock
lerna-util Lerna Util library provides some utilities like below.
- Encryption
- Typed Equals
- Security
- Date and Time
lerna-util-akka Lerna Util Akka library provides some utilities related Akka Classic.
lerna-util-sequence Lerna Util Sequence library provides an ID generator.
lerna-validation Lerna Validation library provides custom validators for Accord.
lerna-wart-core Lerna Wart Core library provides custom warts for WartRemover
nablarch-fw-batch-parallelizable a library for parallelizing batch processing with Nablarch Batch Framework

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